Development Project

UAE PAP is building and rehabilitating 7 hospitals, clinics and medical institutes, outfitted with up to date medical equipment, to provide healthcare in flood affected areas of Swat, Bajaur, Dir and 4 hospitals are being built in South Waziristan. This is imperative because health care facilities have been reduced to non-existence due to the massive flooding and disease and epidemics are rampant all over the valley. The reconstruction of these hospitals will accelerate the resumption of medical services to the local population who are in dire need of health care professionals, and help them recover physically from the trauma and shock of the calamity.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Model Hospital in Saidhu Sharif Swat will be a 100 bed Maternity and Pediatric hospital with complete medical facilities for mothers and their children. This hospital will not only cater to the local area but Malakand Division and other surrounding areas will also benefit from it.

A Paramedic institute in Swat is also being built with separate hostels for boys and girls. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Model Hospital in Azam Warsak is another 40 bed hospital and an 80 bed hospital in Khaar is under construction as well.

The people of Swat and South Waziristan face severe difficulties while taking patients to distant locations for treatment and operations. Their poor economic conditions make it difficult for them to travel and afford other medical expenses especially for women, children and older people. The hospitals under the UAE PAP project have indoor specialist departments which include Gynecology, Pediatric, Dermatology, Nephrology and emergency/casualty wards along with OPDs in remote areas that shall be fully equipped and provide medical care at their door step.

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